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Why invest in PROUD SA?

✓ We are a 100% homegrown company in Switzerland and an EPFL spinoff.
✓ Our patented solution enables the application of sustainable diamonds in both the luxury and semiconductor markets over the next 5-10 years.
We had secured the first luxury customer, marking a significant milestone in our journey. The allure of lab-grown diamonds' unparalleled brilliance and ethical appeal captured the attention of a prestigious brand.  

In 2021, we achieved an unprecedented breakthrough by developing the world's first diamond on GAN prototype—a revolutionary innovation that earned them a coveted worldwide patent

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Immense, market potential.

Diamond applications for both luxury and semiconductors are estimated to represent a trillion dollar opportunity by 2027-2029. 

Global Jewelry Market Potential
OEC projects the market to grow to $460 billion by 2025
$460 bn
Global Semiconductor Market Potential
A report by Fortune Business Insights expects the market to reach $1 trillion by 2029
$1 trillion
Global Lab Grown Diamond Market Potential
Allied Market Research expects the market to hit $22.7 billion by 2027, surging at a CAGR of 21.4%
$22.7 bn
Global EV battery Cell Market Potential
Fortune Business Insights predicts the market will grow to $128.79 billion in 2027
$128 bn
Investment funds will flow into three key areas...
Increasing the production capacity of lab grown diamond in Switzerland and enhancing our R&D capability are planned for 2023. That's why a substantial amount is invested in machinery and employee.  

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Angel/Private Round (2019)

Key Goal:

Company Setup, POC, and product development

Strategic Investor Round (2020)

Key Goal:

Develop strategic partnerships with hardware and lorem ipsum...

Seed/Venture Round (2021)

Key Goal: 

E-Commerce expansion and blockchain commercialisation.

Venture/Crowdfunding (2022)

Key Goal:

Develop strategic partnerships with hardware and lorem ipsum...

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