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Continuous R&D with Swiss DNA

Our Vision

To create the most sustainable solution in the lab-grown diamond industry

Our Mission

To unleash our customer's creativity with timeless diamond technology

What PROUD was born of

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Our cofounder has participated in the research of diamond applications for semi-conductor, photonic, medical and quantum computing in EPFL since 2018 for 5 years.

Incorporated in December 2021, PROUD was founded with the belief that our technology can disrupt a wide range of industries by unlocking the full potential of lab-grown diamonds.

As the first Swiss lab-grown diamond company, we grew and crafted diamond parts to a renowned luxury watch brand for Watches and Wonder Geneva and Shanghai in 2023.

EPFL became our shareholder and provide financial support and exclusive rights to three global patents. This partnership fostered a commitment to quality and sustainability.

d/acc (diamond technology acceleration)
We planned to commercialize our patented technology in the Asia semiconductor industry in 2024.    

Our Team

A diversified team with extensive experience in technology, digital and business development.

15 years

of combined experience in pioneering CVD diamond application

30 years

of combined management experience in technology and consumer sectors

Ligia Colina
Co-Founder & CEO

Mehdi Naamoun
Co-Founder & CTO

Isaac Chan

Our Advisory Panel

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Elison Matioli
Scientific Advisor

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Name Name

Name Name

Want to join us?

Shape the future of diamond technology with us. Our innovative work will challenge you everyday as we push boundaries and commercialize cutting-edge solutions.

Senior Diamond Polisher
We are looking for 1 experienced diamond polisher - Master cutter to join our team.
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Junior Diamond Polisher
We are looking for 2 junior polishers to join our team.
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Research & Development Engineer (Internship)
We are looking for an eager intern to join us in the R&D department for 6 months.
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Research & Development Project Leader
We are looking for an experienced lead to join us in our R&D team.
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Our Innovation and Creative Partners

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland
EPFL, located in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a leading research and educational institution renowned for its cutting-edge contributions to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. With a diverse community of talented students and world-class faculty, EPFL fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and interdisciplinary collaboration, shaping the future through groundbreaking research and transformative education.


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